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Abraham Ageze


Mr. Abraham Ageze is a pastor, coffee farmer, mill owner, and general pillar of his small community. Along with his wife, Mrs. Tigist Wako, and their four children, Mr. Ageze owns and operates 13 small farms around the Idedo township, located 10 km northeast of Yirgacheffe City. The farms range in size from one to seven hectares and are situated between 2,000 and 2,100 meters above sea level. Highlighted by sunny days, cool nights, and an extended wet season, the area produces excellent Yirgacheffe-type coffees that showcase the region’s classic floral and citric profiles.

Each day during the harvest, Mr. Ageze collects fresh cherries from his farms and from other farmers in the area for natural processing at his mill. All coffees are carefully sun-dried on the 70 African beds that make up the mill’s drying station. Mr. Ageze’s knowledge and passion—fueled by a lifetime in coffee—are matched by his energy and warmth, qualities reflected in his exceptional coffees.

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