Guatemala La Cumbre


Country of Origin
Flavor Notes
Caramel, Mango, Green Apple
Roast Level


Origin: Guatemala
Grower: Rosendo Domingo
Region: Huehuetenango
Altitude: 1700-1850 m
Cultivar: Caturra and Pache
Process: Fully Washed


Rosendo Domingo is a second-generation coffee producer who recently took over his family’s farm, La Cumbre, established 30 years earlier. “La Cumbre” translates to “The Summit,” named so because it occupies the highest point near the town of Petatan in Huehuetenango. Though he has been experimenting with some natural and honey-processed coffees, Rosendo mainly produces washed coffees expressive of the clean and bright flavors associated with the region. He picks only ripe cherries and de-pulps them the same day. After a 36-hour fermentation in water they are set out to dry, first in thick layers, then spread out to thinner layers until they reach 12% moisture. Finally, the parchment is hand-sorted to remove any defects or impurities before being sent to the dry mill and prepared for export. The result of his hard work is a clean and bright coffee with caramel sweetness, tropical fruit notes, and complex, lively acidity.

Anabella Meneses