Colombia El Vergel | Natural Anaerobic


Country of Origin
Flavor Notes
Guava, Strawberry, Chocolate
Roast Level


Origin: Colombia
Grower: Elias and Shady Bayter
Region: Tolima
Altitude: 1350 m
Cultivar: Red & Yellow Caturra
Process: Anaerobic Natural


Through diverse plant genetics and processing experimentation, Brothers Elias and Shady Bayter have developed a deep portfolio of unique offerings from their family farm, El Vegel, in Tolima, Colombia.

This lot, a blend of yellow and red Caturra, is fermented in sealed stainless steel tanks for 48 to 60 hours while temperature and pH levels are closely monitored. The whole cherries are then dried slowly for 15 to 25 days before being moved to silos to rest and homogenize for an additional 45 days. The result of this meticulous process is a complex coffee with intense red fruit and tropical notes, a rich chocolatey base, and a syrupy body.
Elias Bayter