Tha pye gone, Myanmar, 2016


Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is transitioning towards democracy. With new governance, comes new opportunities for economic growth. Little City's Joel Shuler is working with several international aid organizations, including USAID, Winrock International, and the Coffee Quality Institute to help establish quality control systems for coffee growers and the mills they use. One group to implement these new quality control systems is the rural community of Tha Pyay Gone, which has been quietly cultivating coffee in the hills outside of Nyaung Shwe for generations. The first coffee from this community to be exported, is available exclusively through Little City. It is a naturally processed coffee, dried on raised beds to ensure even drying throughout the process. This coffee is unlike anything the Little City team has tasted before, wild and complex, with notes of red grape, cocoa, and tropical fruits. A coffee as exotic in flavor as its origin.

Cultivar - SL 34, SL 28, Costa Rica

Producer - Lily Pad Community Growers

Region - Nyaung Shwe

Process - Natural