Q Processing Course Level 1 - Generalist - Royal Coffee - January 10-11

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Q Processing Course Level 1 - Generalist - Royal Coffee - January 10-11



We’re partnering with Royal Coffee New York to offer the Q Processing Course - Level 1 ( Generalist ) Below we have listed some information about the course to offer some additional context. The price is $695. To register please email byran@littlecity.com and register here on the site.

The course will be held at Royal Coffee New York

661 Hadley Road

South Plainfield, NJ 07080


This is a suitable level for any coffee professional along the chain (from growers to baristas) willing to learn about the main processing methods, how they are carried out, and how they impact coffee chemistry and coffee flavor. The training part of the course includes lectures and a comparative cupping of processing methods and can be taught at any cupping laboratory. The competencies are tested through a written exam, in which a basic knowledge about processing needs to be demonstrated to receive a Q Processing Generalist Certificate. This level is completed in a two-day course and is a prerequisite for the higher levels of Q Processing Courses for any student not living or working processing coffee on a farm.

Student’s objective

Understand how the coffee processing method, the coffee flavor character and the coffee quality are dependent on each other and how they are independent of each other, as three partially-overlapping spheres.

Course contents


The role of processing within the coffee value chain: from producers to consumers. History of coffee processing.

2.Processing methods.

The anatomy of the coffee fruit. An anatomy-based classification of coffee-processing methods. Impact of processing method on coffee chemistry. Impact of processing method on cup character. Myth-busting sessionComparative cupping of main methods.

3.Coffee fermentation.

What it is and what it is not. Fermentation in washed coffees and in natural coffees. Fermentation vs. demucilation. Myth-busting session. Comparative cupping of fermentation protocols.

4.Coffee drying.

The overlooked operation. Water in a seed and how it is removed. Sun-drying vs. machine-drying. Myth-busting session.

5.Challenges and the future of processing.

Global warming issues. Water-pollution issues. Social and sustainability issues. Education at the origin and the future of processing.



Students attending the two-day program, taking part in all activities, and achieving a minimum of 75% in the course assessment will receive a Q Processing Generalist – Level 1, issued by the Coffee Quality Institute.

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