Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam Course


Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam Course



This is a Q Combo Course offered at the Little City Lab in Austin, Texas. The price for the course is $1750 until September 1, and $1950 thereafter. To register for the course please email bryan@littlecity.com and register here on the site. 

What is the Q Combo Course?

The Q Grader is a series of 19 exams that test your olfactory and gustatory abilities; your cupping abilities and use of the cupping form; your green grading abilities; and your general knowledge of coffee. The first three days of the course prepare the students for the exams and allow the students a chance to practice the exams. The last three days are the exams themselves. 

Why should you take the Q Grader?

* In our opinion, the course is one of the biggest steps you can take in your coffee journey, whether you are a roaster, barista, or a coffee lover. The experience of preparing for the exams, absorbing the knowledge of 6 intensive days, and relying on your senses in a stressful environment, whether you pass or not, will likely change your approach towards coffee and increase your abilities and your self confidence.

Why should you take the Q Grader from Little City?

* Our Passion: We love coffee, and we love that you love coffee. What makes for a great course - the type of course that you will remember years from now - is not someone reading from slides and administering tests, but rather a course where instructors and students share their knowledge and experiences.

* Our Experience: The Little City team has decades of experience in coffee, from processing to brewing. Joel Shuler, the head instructor, has taught over 50 Q courses on 5 continents.

* ATX: Austin is a great town. Apart from your own ventures before and after the course, everyday we will cater lunch from some of our favorite food spots in town.

* No retake fees. If you do not pass some of the exams, you can retake those exams from us at no charge.

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