santa felisa, guatemala 2017


Santa Felisa is a coffee farm nestled on the slopes of the Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala. The farm dates back generations, to its founding in 1904. Anabella Meneses, an ecologist and Q Arabica Grader – the certification for professional coffee tasting, works with her team to combine modern agricultural science and traditional techniques to produce high-quality, exclusive coffees.

Our relationship with Santa Felisa and Anabella goes back many years, to 2010 when Little City’s Lisi Shuler volunteered at Santa Felisa’s daycare, now called Las Nubes, while pursuing her Masters in Social Work at The University of Texas. Since that time we have closely followed the work of Anabella, an incredibly intelligent and resolute woman determined to produce some of the best coffee in the world, and at the same time bettering the lives of those on the farm and in her community. This year was the culmination of her quality efforts, with Anabella winning the Cup of Excellence. Along with their on-farm activities, Santa Felisa is still actively involved in Las Nubes, a daycare that not only focuses on the children, but on empowering mothers towards economic independence. More information about Santa Felisa’s social initiatives can be found here and Las Nubes can be found here.

Anabella’s vision of sustainability also extends to the agricultural practices she employs at the farm. An agronomist by trade, she has implemented ecological processes to continuously improve the quality of their coffee, including natural pest management, soil conservation, and composting.


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Flavor - Brown Sugar, Tamarind, Toasted Almond

Country of Origin - Guatemala

Producer - Anabella and Antonio Meneses

Cultivar - Red Pache

Process - Natural

Region - Acatenango

Altitude - 1560-1800 masl