The little City Monthly Reader

Welcome to the archives of the Little City Reader, a monthly newsletter for sharing our experiences with that thing we all live for: almighty coffee. The Little City Reader comes to you monthly in three parts: At the Source provides a glimpse of what’s going on at coffee origins, both in the day-to-day lives of our growing partners and our experiences with them in sourcing coffee. The Roast tells the tales of how the coffee makes it from source to roasted beans. Finally, Bright Lights, Little City gives you some personal anecdotes from life in Austin, Texas—the city we love—and offers you the chance to share your own stories.

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April 2018

For our monthly At the Source column, Ian dives into regionality of Costa Rican coffee. Next in The Roast, where we cover how coffee makes it from source to roasted beans, we’re looking at The Art of the Skim, and finally, for the Bright Lights, Little City column, guest author Chris Oglesby looks at the Austin-Lubbock connection.


March 2018

Ian discusses sourcing freshly harvested “seasonal” coffees, Joel takes on Texas weather in the challenge of storing coffee in changing conditions, and we take a journey back in time to an encounter with Austin legend James Hand.