Guatemala Santa Felisa | Pacamara Natural


Country of Origin
Flavor Notes
Milk Chocolate, Orange, Red Grapes, Papaya
Roast Level


Origin: Guatemala
Grower: Anabella Meneses
Region: Acatanengo
Altitude: 1550 m
Cultivar: Red Pacamara
Process: Natural


This lot was purchased through Santa Felisa’s exclusive and competitive Reserva Especial Auction, an annual event that showcases their very best and rarest lots from each harvest. This lot of Red Pacamara underwent a heap fermentation in which the freshly-picked cherries are placed on African beds in piles to ferment for at least 24 hours before being spread into thinner layers for slow, natural drying. The result of this fermentation often comes in the form of tropical fruit notes, according to Anabella, and she found this particular lot to be very papaya-forward. We also get a ton of dark dried fruits, grape soda, and milk chocolate from this one, and the syrupy body is complimented perfectly by a refreshing orange-like citric acidity. A truly rare and special coffee that is not to be missed!

Anabella Meneses