Mexico Finca Fatima | 3-Bag Processing Bundle


Country of Origin
Roast Level


Origin: Mexico
Grower: Ernesto Perez
Region: Veracruz
Altitude: 1250 m
Cultivar: Marsellesa + Typica
Process: Washed, Semi-washed, and Natural


Try three coffees from the same farm processed in three different ways:

Fully Washed. This coffee represents the classic profile of a great Coatepec coffee and is one we’ve come to know and love over the past several years working with Ernesto. It’s clean and sweet with creamy caramel and bright, refreshing stone fruit notes.

Semi-washed: This is a unique and complex coffee with bright citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit complemented by a floral aroma and cooling minty finish. Upon arrival from the fields, the coffee is immediately pulped and then fermented in a sealed anaerobic environment for up to 60 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is briefly submerged in clean water to remove defective floaters, but unlike in Fatima’s fully-washed process, no scrubbing or water pressure is applied. This allows some of the mucilage to remain during drying, adding complexity and sweetness to the final cup.

Natural: For all you fruit heads out there, this natural lot was slow-dried with whole fruit intact for 25 days on raised African beds. According to Ernesto, this year’s naturals benefitted from an intense focus on cleanliness and fermentation control, producing sweet and balanced coffees with syrupy mouthfeel and plenty of ripe fruit notes like plum and cherry. 

Ernesto Perez