Burundi Munkaze


Country of Origin
Flavor Notes
Black Tea, Red Plum, Allspice
Roast Level


Origin: Burundi
Grower: Ephrem Sebatigita
Region: Kayanza Province
Altitude: 1700–2000 meters
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Process: Fully Washed


Ephrem Sebatigita is the the owner and general manager of Munkaze washing station, a wet mill in Kayanza Province, where he processes both fully washed and sun-dried natural coffees from around 500 local farms, including his own family’s. Slow dried on raised beds at around 1,800 meters, the mostly Bourbon-type coffees range in profile from delicate and floral to ripe and juicy. Our latest microlot offering from Munkaze walks the line somewhere between with spiced tea-like aroma, juicy stone fruit notes, and a crisp, refreshing citric finish.

Ephrem Sebatigita