La Estrella del Ostro, Colombia 2019

La Estrella del Ostro comes to us from a group of growers who are members of the Belén Coffee Association located near the town of La Plata in the southern state of Huila. "La Plata" translates to "The Silver" and references the arrival of the Spanish and their subsequent discovery of silver mines in the region. "La Estrella del Ostro" gets its name from the Star of the Southern Wind, which shines just above the mountain range where this coffee is grown. We have been sourcing coffee from this group for our blends since 2017 and are proud to introduce our first single origin offering of La Estrella del Ostro, a fully washed coffee selected from some of the harvest’s top scoring lots. It fully encompasses everything we love about Colombian coffee - sweet, bright and clean with notes of caramel, vanilla, and Rainier cherry.

Country - Colombia

Region - Belén-La Plata, Huila

Producers - Asociación Café Belén

Altitude - 1600-2000m

Process - Fully Washed

Varieties - Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, Typica

Flavors - Caramel, Rainier cherry, Vanilla

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