Karugiro, Kenya 2018


Introducing the latest addition to our microlot collection, Karugiro from the Karugiro Coffee Factory in Murang’a County. The Karugiro Farmers Cooperative was founded in 1993 and thrives today with 920 active members. Made up of farms located at 1400-1800m above sea level, the Karugiro Factory is tucked away in the abundant foothills of Mount Kenya. The rainfall cooled temperatures and mineral rich, red volcanic soils create excellent conditions for these small holder farms to flourish. The region also produces two harvests a year, one main harvest from October to December and a fly crop from March to May.

This is our first time carrying one of Karugiro’s coffees and we are incredibly excited about its bright, luminous flavor. This fully washed coffee sings refreshing notes of lemon zest with a rounded feel of buttered toffee topped off with a gentle apricot tartness. A perfect cup to embrace the last rays of sunshine before the winter season arrives.

Flavor - Lemon, Toffee, Apricot

Country of Origin: Kenya

Producer - Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative

Type - AA Top

Process - Fully washed

Region - Kamacharia, Muranga County Kenya

Elevation - 1400-1800 masl

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