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Sai Wan Maing


Green Land Estate is an award-winning coffee farm located in the Pyin Oo Lwin district of the Mandalay region in Myanmar owned and operated by Sai Wan Maing, a pioneering leader in Myanmar coffee production and and winner of the country’s best coffee competition.

Even before the re-emergence of Myanmar onto the international scene, Green Land had established itself as one of Myanmar’s preeminent coffee farms, known for its consistent offering of bright, sweet, and clean coffees. Sai Wan was one of the first Q Arabica Graders in Myanmar, a prestigious professional certification for coffee-quality tasters, and his dedication to quality and innovation are apparent in each cup.

In 2017, Sai Wan was a participant in Little City’s Port to Cup Tour, an opportunity for coffee growers from Myanmar and the Philippines to visit roasters and supply chain partners in the U.S. to learn more about the path of their coffee after it hits US shores. Among the first to bring Myanmar coffee to the world, Sai Wan’s work was featured in an article Fresh Cup Magazine co-authored by Little City’s Joel Shuler.

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