Our latest Colombian microlot comes from Finca El Balcón, a family-run farm near Pitalito in the Huila Department with breathtaking views of the Laboyos Valley and its cascading lakes.

El Balcón is managed by Marco Fidel Rodriguez and was originally run by his father. Marco Fidel has worked with coffee his entire life and has been drying his own coffee on the farm for the past 14 years. During that time he has significantly improved the farm’s post-harvest processes and is constantly improving its organization and sustainability. Marco Fidel works with his wife, Ruth, and his two sons at the farm where Ruth also grows other fruits, vegetables and flowers for use in their home.

Having spent time in Huila and having had the opportunity to cup lots of coffees from the Pitalito area, we have become huge fans of the region’s high quality coffees and its diverse profiles. We are very excited to feature this microlot from Finca El Balcón, one of the best we sampled from Colombia’s recent harvest. This specific lot is 100% Caturra and is naturally fermented for 20 hours before washing and slowly sun-drying on the farm’s parabolic patio. Marco Fidel’s care in harvesting and processing this coffee has resulted in a clean, sweet and bright cup with flavors of caramel and mandarin orange.


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Flavor - Caramel, Mandarin Orange, Cherry

Cultivar - Caturra

Producer - Marco Fidel Rodriguez

Process - Fully Washed, Natural Fermentation

Region - Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

Altitude - 1780 masl