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Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam Course

  • Little City Coffee Roasters 415 East Saint Elmo Road Austin United States (map)


This is a Q Combo Course offered at the Little City Lab in Austin, Texas. Below we have listed some information about the course that will hopefully help you decide if it is right for you. The price for the course is $1750 until September 1, and $1950 thereafter. To register for the course please email and register here on the site. 

What is the Q Combo Course?

The Q Grader is a series of 19 exams that test your olfactory and gustatory abilities; your cupping abilities and use of the cupping form; your green grading abilities; and your general knowledge of coffee. The first three days of the course prepare the students for the exams and allow the students a chance to practice the exams. The last three days are the exams themselves. The exams include:

* 4 Cuppings

* 4 Triangulations

* 4 Olfactory Tests

* 3 Gustatory Tests

* Organic Acid Identification

* Green Grading

* Roast Level Identification

* General Coffee Knowledge

Why should you take the Q Grader?

* In our opinion, the course is one of the biggest steps you can take in your coffee journey, whether you are a roaster, barista, or a coffee lover. The experience of preparing for the exams, absorbing the knowledge of 6 intensive days, and relying on your senses in a stressful environment, whether you pass or not, will likely change your approach towards coffee and increase your abilities and your self confidence.

Why should you take the Q Grader from Little City?

* Our Passion: We love coffee, and we love that you love coffee. What makes for a great course - the type of course that you will remember years from now - is not someone reading from slides and administering tests, but rather a course where instructors and students share their knowledge and experiences.

* Our Experience: The Little City team has decades of experience in coffee, from processing to brewing. Joel Shuler, the head instructor, has taught over 50 Q courses on 5 continents.

* ATX: Austin is a great town. Apart from your own ventures before and after the course, everyday we will cater lunch from some of our favorite food spots in town.

* No retake fees. If you do not pass some of the exams, you can retake those exams from us at no charge.

Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam Course
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