Port to Cup Tour Reflections and Video

We’re excited to share a video recap from our Port to Cup tour, where Little City brought together growers from the Philippines and Myanmar to help them better understand their product and the coffee supply chain. Check out the video below and read on for insights from the experience.


Port to Cup Tour Participants and Partners

Since the tour, Little City has continued to foster its relationships with several of the growers, both through purchasing their coffee, and through Joel’s work with the Coffee Quality Institute in supporting the budding Myanmar Specialty Coffee Industry. This July, through a USAID grant and under the supervision of Winrock International and the Coffee Quality Institute, two of the tour participants, Melanie Edwards and Su Su Aung, received wet and dry mills to increase the production and quality of coffee in their respective communities.

Little City has also purchased lots from two of the tour participants: Melanie Edwards, who works with the Tha Pyay Gone villagers through her economic growth organization Behind the Leaf, formerly called Lilypad; and Sai Wan, who owns Green Land Estate.

lc-ptc-participants corrected.png

Melanie and Sai share their experience:

[The growers] are wonderful, hardworking, and sometimes I feel like they are not appreciated for the hard work that they do. And so I came here just wanting to tell about them, and also I wanted to learn as much as I could. This is an excellent trip for me to be able to learn all the aspects of the coffee.
— Melanie Edwards, director of Behind the Leaf, an economic growth organization in Myanmar
The United States is consuming our speciality coffee, but I don’t know exactly [how they consume it], and how they market, how they sell the specialty coffee. So after I went on the Port to Cup [tour], I learned a lot about speciality coffee, and who are the key players in this kind of business, this kind of industry… To see our coffee in the hands of the buyer - I was very proud of that.
— Sai Wan, owner of Green Land Estate and winner of best coffee in Myanmar