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What’s Happening at Little City

Q Grader Calibration Students

What is the Q Arabica Grader Exam?

This past January I hit a milestone when I taught my 100th CQI course. I have had the pleasure of helping many people on their coffee journey and I can only hope that they have learned at least as much from me as I have from them. One of the main classes I have taught […]

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Sourcing Trip: Mexico 2022

This year we decided to travel to Mexico a little earlier than planned. Typically we would head down later in the season—in March or April, as the harvest begins to wind down and we have a wider range of coffees to cup, including much of the higher-altitude coffees and microlots that come later in the […]

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Sourcing Trip: Kenya 2021

At Little City we always aim to expand our microlot offerings by regularly bringing in coffees from new origins. And whenever possible we make it a priority to travel to those origins to meet with potential direct trade partners and expand our knowledge of their customs, production systems, and trade models. For years, Kenya has […]

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Sourcing Trip: Colombia 2021

Last month I had the pleasure of returning to Colombia for the first time since 2018. Every year, we try to visit each of our key origins, but we missed the trip in 2019. Little did we know then that the world would shut down only months later and it would be another two years […]

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Mexican coffee grower Ernesto Pérez of Finca Fatima

Meet the Grower: Ernesto Pérez of Finca Fatima

Little City & Finca Fatima A few years ago, we decided that we needed to make sourcing Mexican coffee a priority at Little City so we began obsessively cupping Mexican coffees, learning the regional profiles, traveling to Mexico, and building relationships with growers and other supply chain partners. Eric participated in the International jury for […]

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Eric Wolf holding a can of Nitro Cold Brew

How Hard Could It Be?

Five years ago I got a call from Joel Shuler: “Hey Eric, we’re looking to start a cold brew program for Little City and are wondering if you’d be interested in helping us develop some products.” Joel and I had gotten to know each other when I was working at a brewery across the parking […]

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Meet the Grower: Fernando Talks Talisman

We are featuring a pretty special microlot, El Talisman. Not only is it a great tasting coffee—a clean but complex honey process with notes of honey, strawberry, and lime zest—it is from the farm of Little City’s own Fernando Alvarado! Little City & El Talisman El Talisman is a thirty-five acre farm is located in the […]

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